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Gifted & Talented Greetings!

Hooray, you’re here! Welcome to K5 Gifted – the perfect place for parents of gifted elementary school children to learn in tandem with their kids. A place where you can supercharge and supplement academic, social, and emotional growth during those vital foundational years, together!
Additionally, in today’s ever-changing world, we often encounter uncertain circumstances that can impact our children’s education. You may encounter situations where you suddenly take on the role of homeschooling your gifted child or feel the need to supplement their learning due to disruptions in the traditional classroom setting. It is totally natural to feel overwhelmed, but please take heart – you are not alone. If you’re looking for challenging, fun, and interactive lessons developed by a certified professional and lifelong educator, you’ve come to the right place. We will be there every step of the way to help support your child’s journey.
So, don’t just stumble down the rabbit hole of school, life, and growing up… tumble with confidence and a toolbox of critical thinking skills.
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Ages & Stages

of gifted childhood development


(Preschool & Younger)


(K - 2nd Grade)


(3rd - 5th Grade)

Our Academic Philosophy

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Education isn't "getting you ready" for life... education is life!
Believe it or not, the most successful adults aren’t necessarily the ones who scored the highest on IQ tests when they were young. Studies have shown that it’s actually the kids who develop the most resilience in childhood who are better equipped to identify, engage, and ultimately overcome life’s hardships.
Our comprehensive resources are designed to activate intellectual resiliency by integrating reading, writing, math, science, social studies, speaking, listening, and critical thinking. Pardon the brag, but learners of all types and abilities have achieved quantifiable growth using our comprehensive learning processes.
Together, we champion challenge, embrace uncertainty, cultivate curiosity, and celebrate cultural diversity! But don’t let that academic lingo scare you off – we love to have fun, too!

Our Printables

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A little about us

My lifelong passion has always been to serve the hearts and minds of young people. I adore teaching, but I also consider myself a perpetual student, having earned Master’s degrees in Counseling and Educational Administration, as well as Bachelor’s degrees in Elementary and Special Education. Across more than 35 years as an educator, I have been fortunate to encounter seemingly every type of learner and learning style. My work has allowed me to present at gifted conferences across the US, most recently at the 23rd Biennial World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC) Conference. In 2019, I received one of the greatest honors of my career when I was recognized as Teacher of the Year by the Tennessee Association for the Gifted (TAG) for my work with gifted and talented students. Through my firsthand experience, both personally and professionally, I’ve refined the necessary tools to help you and your child harness their endless learning potential, while dealing with the hurdles that may come up along the way. With the help of my own family’s wide array of talents and technical savvy, our family-owned-and-operated American small business exists to help make your child’s life as bright as possible. I’m profoundly grateful you’re here. Welcome!

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Please note, while we are here to help supplement your child’s education, we are NOT here to replace it as their sole classroom instruction. What our lessons do aim to do is bolster your child’s growth as a fun, dynamic, and animated virtual tutor!

Our Online Lessons Aim To Help You:

The brains behind the operation
Linda Kirby — Our Main Brain, MEd & MS.

Our lessons ensure your child isn’t just memorizing facts; the goal is total conceptual understanding. Our lessons will give you a clear look at whether they have fully grasped the material or not. And if not, no worries – you now know what still needs practice!

Your little one is likely already ahead of his or her peers, but you can push those considerable skills even further by expanding their reading, writing, math, listening, speaking, social-emotional, and critical thinking abilities. We take a rigorous interdisciplinary approach to help generate dynamic academic success.

Is your child meeting and exceeding benchmarks in every subject? Maybe, but maybe not; odds are they still need specialized attention on certain skillsets. And that’s ok! Our materials will help reveal the areas where your child has the opportunity to further their personal academic development.

Challenging your little one is a great thing, but knowing what challenges they are ready for is a different matter altogether. Though our materials are rigorous, everything is achievable for each age group. This helps you and your child reach achievable benchmarks, and (hopefully!) keeps frustration and burnout at a minimum.

Studies show that children who are able to develop the highest levels of resiliency are most likely to succeed. Learning how to self-motivate despite difficulties is critical to your gifted child’s long term success. 

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