Is Your Child Bored?

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What does it really mean when your child says, "I'm Bored"?


    What does, “School is boring?” really mean to a child? Let’s dig a little deeper into a variety of possibilities.

Challenge Required

    It could mean that the curriculum is not challenging to your child. The school may or may not pre-test to find out what your child already knows so that the materials and activities are just right for what your child is ready to learn.

    It could mean that the school doesn’t pretest, and your child is constantly listening to what he/she has already mastered and is practicing what he/she already has a good grasp. 

    Number talks are in place during math, but it is always geared toward the typical learner. Your child has something to share, but at this level is not learning new skills and concepts.

Just Not That Interested

    Your child is being offered challenges but just is not interested in the standards that the state says must be taught. It is the time when American Revolution is taught. Your child has no interest in the American Revolution. Or it is the time in science when children are learning about circuits and wiring, but your child has no interest in science. 

    The school can offer how the content is presented, how it is tested, what historical fiction novels can be read, or what project accompanies the learning, but the learning is not optional. You might wonder should I home school or put in a private learning environment where my child has free choice about what is learned. 

    Is this best for your child? Do you want your child to enter college well-rounded or single-focused?

I'll do what I want

    Is your child displaying oppositional behavior? “I don’t want to do that, and I don’t have to do that.” Children are children. They may be struggling with authority. Teach them young, that they cannot always be in charge, not at school, not at home, and not in career or college. This is the time to teach collaboration, cooperation, respect, and responsibility. 

Search For The Real Reason

    When your child says, “I am bored at school.” Find out what the message beneath the message is. What is causing the boredom. If the curriculum is not challenging enough or the pace if not right, schedule a conference with your child’s teacher. Use communication and collaboration to get your child’s needs met.

Conversation time

    If your child doesn’t like what is being taught, have a conversation with your child to let him/her know that learning lots of different subjects is important even if it is not his/her favorite. Your child who likes to read fantasy fiction cannot do that all day. There is other learning that must take place. Colleges and careers require well-rounded individuals

Pause To Ponder!

Is your child being oppositional? If so, set boundaries. Don’t allow it at home if you don’t want to see the behaviors at school. 

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