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Third Grade Stop 10

Around the Earth

with Blurrmmff

Play Video about Blurrmmff loves Earth!

Adventure, fun, & advanced learning through differentiated activities, created by K5 Gifted.

Continue your Around the Earth journey with Blurrmmff!


Join a friendly alien named Blurrmmff, who simply loves learning about Earth! Hop in Blurrmmff’s spaceship and you’ll visit a new location around the world one stop at a time.



  • Vocabulary development, reading comprehension, fluency building, classification, sequencing, and text details. 
  • Show comprehension through rhyme time, build vocabulary through odd one out.


  • Math reasoning through pattern blocks, pre-algebra thinking where students solve for an unknown. Students develop skills and concepts and spiral to revisit and practice, so they don’t forget new skills and concepts learning.
  • Note: do not be concerned if your child has not had direct instruction in concepts in the math problems. Gifted children can take what they know and apply their previous learning to use toward what they don’t yet know.


  • Animals of the area, engineering design, & kinesthetic activity.


  • Age appropriate material for developing a resilient inner self.


  • Fluency, details, unique thinking.


  • Geography development, learning about different cultures, and fairy tales connected to other cultures


  • Universal Themes allows gifted students the opportunity to relate new information to ideas and things that are familiar. 
  • Each age/grade level allows gifted students to connect the information learned through texts to connect a universal theme to curriculum.
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