Science Trivia Challenge – Hawaii!

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Join us in Hawaii for our a quick science adventure! See if you can guess the trivia question in the video before continuing to the rest of the article!
K5 Gifted science trivia challenge
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The Dog That Runs In The Rough Water

     Did you watch the video yet? Did you get it right? If not, how close were you? Were you making a guess or were you using logic to make an estimation?

Rhyme Time


     Each pairing of questions have answers that rhyme with one another! Remember, that when words rhyme they sound alike, but are not necessarily spelled alike! And if you’re having trouble thinking of an answer, just click or hover over the questions to get a clue! Once you’ve got it figured out, click “Answers” to double check your hypothesis.


     What is one word that describes these wonderfully interactive rhyme time questions? ____________

     During the day, what is the brightest star in the sky? ____________

Ready For Answer?
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>> Fun & Sun
Click arrow for a fun fact.
Fun Fact
Our Sun is known as a yellow dwarf star. Though it is actually white, it appears yellow to the naked eye because of the Earth's atmosphere! That said, don't stare into the sun unless you want to permanently damage your eyesight.
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